Ahşap Kullanarak Modern Evler Yaratın

Sürdürülebilir bir dizayn için,tekrar bir amaç belirlemek ve yeniden kullanmak önemlidir.Bu yüzden,materyallerinizi atmayın ve bir şeyi daha kullanmayacağınız konusunda iki kez düşünün.Ahşap özellikle ev dekorasyonlarında kullanılan,ve büyük avantajlarından faydalanacağınız işlevsel bir üründür.Bu ürünlerin nasıl böyle fonksiyonel olduğu konusunda sizlere bazı dizaynlar göstermeye karar verdik.Cilalanmış ahşap ürünler,özellikle yatak odaları ve mutfakta yaygın kullanırken banyolarda çok tercih edilmese de farklı renk paletleriyle birleştireceğiniz ahşabı,en güzel biçimde kullanabilirsiniz.

Ahşap Kullanarak Modern Evler Yaratın 2  Ahşap Kullanarak Modern Evler Yaratın 3 Ahşap Kullanarak Modern Evler Yaratın 4 The bedroom could benefit from a reclaimed wood accent wall. To make things more interesting, use wood with different colors and finishes and alternate them. The wall can also be an extension of the headboard. Ahşap Kullanarak Modern Evler Yaratın 5 Reclaimed wood can also be sued to create a mantel for the fireplace. It can be a shelf that extends from one wall to the other, great for displaying decorations. Ahşap Kullanarak Modern Evler Yaratın 6 Another interesting idea, this time for the kitchen, is to use reclaimed wood to make a kitchen island. The design should be simple and you can improvise and create useful storage compartments. Make sure to keep a nice rustic finish. Ahşap Kullanarak Modern Evler Yaratın 7 This headboard is made from repurposed wooden boards. It’s one of the most simple and useful ways of using reclaimed wood. Ahşap Kullanarak Modern Evler Yaratın 8 Exposed beams usually make any room feel more relaxing, inviting and casual. So if your home doesn’t have exposed beams, don’t worry too much. You can always add them. For example, these beams are made of reclaimed wood and have been installed as faux top plates and ceiling joints, they add character and warmth to the living room. Ahşap Kullanarak Modern Evler Yaratın 9 This is another example of a custom made kitchen island. Just like the one we previously showed you, this one is also made from reclaimed wood. Notice the asymmetrical stripes that give it character. Ahşap Kullanarak Modern Evler Yaratın 10 For a warm and welcoming décor, you can also use reclaimed wood to build a fireplace wall. If complemented by exposed brick walls, the fireplace will integrate perfectly and will give the room a rustic, pleasant look. Ahşap Kullanarak Modern Evler Yaratın 11 We also have another great project for the bathroom. It’s a custom vanity that can also be made out of reclaimed wood. You only need a few boards, preferably made from the same type of wood and with the same color and finish. Add a mirror or two and some light fixtures and you’ll get a lovely bathroom vanity. Ahşap Kullanarak Modern Evler Yaratın 12 This stylish living room features a contemporary interior but fails to feel cold and minimalist thanks to the ceiling. The living room gets its texture and warmth from the reclaimed wood ceiling and coffee table. The colors are neutral and they help maintain a light and airy décor. Ahşap Kullanarak Modern Evler Yaratın 13 And here’s our last project. This one is focusing on making the wine cellar feel authentic and inviting. The ceiling, paneled walls and even the wine racks and storage shelves are all made of reclaimed wood. It’s a great way of adding texture and character to a space.
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